Helping Mental Health Professionals and Business Owners build their online presence thus attracting more clients through crafting catchy blogs posts and social media captions.

A lot of mental health professionals such as life coaches and psychologists are having difficulties in managing their social media accounts, online groups, and blogs due to being fully booked, lots of workloads, or just because they do not have an assistant who is knowledgeable of what they are doing.

As a psychology graduate, a licensed psychometrician, and a virtual assistant, Karen understands most of your concerns, especially in dealing with your clients. She is familiar from clerical to the more scientific tasks like writing and researching in the field of psychology and mental health. She is also an advocate of mental health awareness as she wants to remove the stigma related to it. So, she believes she can be of most help to those in a similar field.

Meanwhile, she can still work with clients outside her field. Still equipped with the knowledge of psychology, she can help in attracting consumers with her basic knowledge of consumer psychology and basic to advance knowledge in virtual assistance, social media, and content writing.

Why consider her as your community and social media manager, and/or content writer?

Aside from her knowledge in psychology, her freelancing courses have helped her to be more equipped in the online freelancing industry, along with the other existing skills that she had acquired since she had her first corporate job. Currently, she is one of the Community Managers of the Work-at-Home Moms Tribe PH group or WAHM Tribe page, an online community for moms who work from home in the Philippines.

There are also soft skills that she is proud of possessing. These skills are detail-orientedness, coachable yet self-trained, open-mindedness and flexibility, and patience.

Should you need to get in touch her or her services, please do not hesitate to contact her.

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